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Caller left a voicemail saying he was Billy from Zoat (or something similar) and wanted to work with me to get my business listed on Google and have an app, too, which would be free if I sign up today. I don't own a business, I already can get websites ranked well on Google, and I can build apps. I don't know how I got...

Posted: 2017-03-09

Called left a message said it was billy wanting to me to continue my google ad service and setup the app we talked about ( which I have never talked to him or any company about) seems like a scam to me.

Posted: 2017-02-18

Called from 949-259-2470, said his name was Billy. Left a voicemail to see if I was "still interested" in getting my business on the fron page of Google. (I've never reached out to anyone with this interest). Left 855-595-1175 as the return number. A couple weeks ago I had signed up for a domain name through & have had numerous calls & emails since...

Posted: 2017-02-17

Did not answer as I did not recognize the number. He left a voice message, something about a Google search and he is following up on an earlier conversation we had (I have NEVER spoken to him) and it was about a great limited time deal and to call him right back. talked fast, sounded like an annoying millennial.

Posted: 2017-02-06

He called today at 12:02PM. The call was "unknown number" but he left a message with number 855-595-1175 to join him to make business. Something regarding Google. In Canada, companies who call to make business MUST display their phone number on our caller ID. As the call was anonynous, it seems to be a good idea not to...

Posted: 2017-02-06

Someone named Wayne wanting to sell me Google Services. Possible scam.

Posted: 2017-02-06

They called me , I answered and then they hang up.

Posted: 2017-02-06

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