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Some lady by the name of "Sofia Salas" from this 844-642-5198 number said to call this number of 844-853-5928, which is Mueller & Associates, a legal filing service I was told by one operator, whereas two other operators just answered, "corporate" and that's it. I went further in and gave the case number that was given by "Sofia Salas" and provided the last four of my SSN, which they were able to look up and see what my supposed debt was and what they would settle for, in a lump sum, to avoid any further "legal" action but find it still most fishy. I was asked, too, if I had received a letter and/or legal papers in the mail by them or the attorneys office, but I don't recall such documents. Sofia said I would be met by visitors to my home the next day to sign papers and show ID. Never heard such procedures as showing of ID, but then maybe things are different, here and there. Anyhow, to expect someone to squeeze blood out of a turnip at last minutes notice is unrealistic to then be threaten. I believe in hoaning up to my debts, but never take lightly being threatened, even financially, especially when it also affects my family. It is late now on this date of March 20, 2017, but I am in the morning gonna call the BBB, and my local municipal and county attorneys to look into this matter, immediately,...maybe even the state attorney general here in Texas. Remember there are statutes of limitations, as well. Be careful folks, of scammers and those who are "allowed" (legally, but you still owe nothing to.

Posted: 2017-03-21

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