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Got the call from this number this am. I live in Nova Scotia and it is a holiday today. Was not pleased to get woken up by this call.

Posted: 2017-02-20

At 8:23 am Feb 18 I received a call from Arlea Crowe from 732 458 3634. Man said my windows was at risk and to go to my computer. I hung up and you could hear others in background and he was foreign.

Posted: 2017-02-17

Received a phone call at 7:29 a.m. on 1/20/2017. Man with accent asked for my husband which I ignored and then he said my Windows computer was infected with a virus. I told him it is not infected (I have Geek Squad) and he insisted it was. I told him NOT to call me back and to take me off his calling list. I then l...

Posted: 2017-01-20

Woman with thick accent called to say they detected problems with my computer -Windows program. She claimed to be John Williams from Houston (caller ID shows Arlea Crowe.) She hung up when I told her I don't have a computer and I questioned the weather in Houston. Definitely scam number!

Posted: 2017-01-19

The gentleman call me early this morning to tell me that my computer was crashing! I asked him not to call me anymore. He told me it was very important that I speak with him today because my computer was crashing. I disconnected the call.

Posted: 2017-01-16

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