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Woman called she said she is from an Collections Agency I think she said Anchor or something like that, she has paperwork to start a law suit for a credit card bill not paid, I said send me in writing I won't honor anything over the phone and she got upset, and she would not stop talking threatening me she is going to ...

Posted: 2017-05-10

They keep calling and refuse to stop. I called this number and a lady answers saying, "ZENCO" or "ZEMCO". I called her back requesting that she STOP calling. She threatened that if I call her one more time, she is going to, "file a complaint (against me) with the local authorities". The lady kept asking me for som...

Posted: 2017-05-08

Harassing calls to cell # and work #

Posted: 2017-03-07

Harassing calls to cell # and work # don't know how they got work #

Posted: 2017-03-07

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